How To Reset Lamp Out Light On Dodge Ram

A Dodge Ram’s “lamp out” light is a warning indicator that one or more of the vehicle’s exterior lights is not working. The light can be reset by following a few simple steps.

How To Reset Lamp Out Light On Dodge Ram

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some possible methods include: – checking the fuses and replacing if necessary – resetting the computer using a scan tool – checking the wiring and connectors

-Phillips head screwdriver -T20 Torx driver -10 mm socket wrench -Small flathead screwdriver

  • Locate the headlamp out light on the dashboard
  • Find the reset button on the light and press it
  • Open the hood of the dodge ram
  • Close the hood of the dodge ram

-Check the fuse box for the relevant fuse and replace if necessary -Find the reset button on the lamp out light and press it -The light will go off and you’re done

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Lamp Out Dash Light Mean On 2002 Dodge Ram?

The lamp out dash light on a 2002 Dodge Ram means that one of the vehicle’s lamps is not working.

How Do You Turn On Ram Box Lights?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the method for turning on RAM box lights may vary depending on the make and model of your computer. However, in general, you can usually turn on the RAM box lights by accessing the system BIOS and locating the option that corresponds to turning on the RAM lights.

How Do I Turn My Bed Lights Off?

Your bed lights can be turned off by pressing the light switch on the wall near your bed.

How Do I Turn Off The Lights On My 2021 Ram?

To turn off the lights on a 2021 Ram, you can either use the switch located near the driver’s door or on the dashboard.

What Does It Mean When It Says Lamp Out On A 2003 Dodge Ram 1500?

The lamp out warning is usually due to a blown fuse, but could also be caused by a faulty bulb.

How Do You Turn The Lights Off On A Dodge Ram 1500?

To turn off the lights on a Dodge Ram 1500, one would have to go to the dashboard and find the light switch. Once the light switch is found, it is simply a matter of flipping it off.

How Do I Turn Off The Lights In My Dodge Ram?

There should be a switch on the dashboard that turns off all the lights in the truck.


The lamp out light on the Dodge Ram can be reset by following a few simple steps. First, turn off the headlights and the engine. Next, open the hood and locate the headlamp relay. Once located, remove the relay and then place it back in place. Close the hood and turn on the headlights and engine. The light should now be reset.

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